Assess the environmental quality of buildings and urban districts and identify relevant innovation techniques

Aiming at the assessment of buildings and urban-districts environmental quality and the identification of relevant innovation techniques, the chair will be interested on the following subjects:

Eco-design of urban districts (including buildings, streets and networks)

The challenge is to design eco-districts not simply by adding building techniques, but with a global approach as well on the geometrical area as temporal. This approach is supported by using life cycle assessment. A first study will be focused on the assessment of environment impacts of districts. A particular attention will be also focused on the use phase, as well as on biodiversity protection.

Projects list

  • Project 1: MINES ParisTech CEP Thesis: life cycle assessment applied to districts
  • Project 2: École des Ponts ParisTech – NAVIER: Seminar concerning Energy storage in buildings
  • Project 3: MINES ParisTech CSG Thesis: Architectural eco-design of building
  • Project 4: AgroParisTech Thesis: Eco-districts and biodiversity development

Urban renovation (including buildings and networks)

Urban renewal is crucial for European countries, especially in France which made it as priority for the Grenelle de l’Environnement. The Chair will help producing knowledge in order to develop tools for eco-design on renovation, applicable for buildings as well as urban districts: the present state has first to be analyzed, then eco-design can be applied to renovation, possibly to rebuilding.

Projects list

  • Project 1: MINES ParisTech Thesis: study of eco-design in building renovation
  • Project 2: MINES ParisTech and École des Ponts ParisTech Thesis: Study of optimization techniques in buildings renovation