Plan networks, manage transports services and assess environmental impacts

Aiming at the transports and networks, the chair will be interested on the following subjects:

Eco-production of transport

In France like in many other developed countries, transport networks have reached a significant maturity, in exception of high speed rail network. Possible local extensions are included. Main questions on traffic operating concern:

  • Economical and low impacts use of transport means,
  • Interaction of user and service operator, enriched continuously with the development of Information and Communication Technologies,
  • Research on innovative systems to satisfy mobility needs by benefiting of increased interaction between operator and users.

Projects list

  • Project 1: École des Ponts ParisTech LVMT Post-doc: Scope and limits of public transport in urban area
  • Project 2: École des Ponts ParisTech: Eco circulation of road traffic
  • Project 3: École des Ponts ParisTech: Functionality and flows in an urban system

Analyze the life cycle of transport infrastructures and their impacts

A target of the Chair is to improve life cycle assessment tools for infrastructures. Eco-labeling strategies and innovative design models constitute a research activity to be developed in the Chair.

Life cycle assessment of structures requires an exact knowledge of life cycle inventories of material components. Currently, a majority of existing inventories correspond to building elements, and are not easily applicable to infrastructures. The aim of the study is to complement LCI data bases for materials and to bring them together to form one easy to use base for all of kinds of structures, constituting a robust decision making aid for eco-design of infrastructures. Inventories have to concern commonly used materials in construction as well as more innovative techniques.

Projects list

  • Project 1: École des Ponts ParisTech – NAVIER Post-doc: Life cycle inventory for materials production sites

Methodology to assess the impact of a project on biodiversity

Assessment methods and impact studies are not much stabilized and still debated. This can heavily slow down the execution of large projects and complicate the dialogue with residents.

The challenge of this topic is to supply scientific information regarding impacts on biodiversity: which solutions are in favour of biodiversity? How to be alert in those subjects? A particular attention will be paid on impacts of highways and quarries on biodiversity.

Projects list

  • Project 1: AgroParisTech Thesis: Role of changes produced by an infrastructure on biodiversity development and associated services
  • Project 2: AgroParisTech research engineer: State of art of assessment methods on environmental impacts