Ecodesign of a "plus energy" house using stochastic occupancy model, life cycle assessment and multi-objective optimisation, Hamza N and Underwood C. (Ed), Building Simulation & Optimization 2016, Newcastle

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Themes: energy, éco-conception, buildings, life cycle assesment
Designing plus energy buildings, at lower environmental impact and lower cost, is a complex optimisation problem. In this context, this paper presents an ecodesign approach of a plus-energy house assisted by multicriteria optimisation. Illustrated by a real case, this approach uses a genetic algorithm to find a set of solutions as close as possible to the theoretical Pareto front, corresponding to the best compromises for the formulated problem. The solutions’ performance was evaluated using a dynamic building energy model (COMFIE), a life cycle analysis model (novaEQUER), and a construction cost database. In order to study the solutions’ robustness, the diversity of occupants’ behaviour was stochastically modelled. The proposed approach is thus contributing to the decision making process, beyond simple evaluation by simulation.

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