A distributed modelling approach to assess the use of Blue and Green Infrastructures to fulfil stormwater management requirements

Thèmes : case studies, distributed modelling, stormwater management
Blue and green infrastructures (B&GI) are nature-based solutions considered as 5 particularly efficient to reduce the potential impact of new and existing developments 6 with respect to stormwater issues. In order to assess their performance at some large 7 scales compatible with urban projects, adapted distributed rainfall-runoff models are 8 required. The latest advancements of the Multi-Hydro platform have made possible 9 the representation of such B&GI. Applied in a virtual new urban development project 10 located in the Paris region, Multi-Hydro has been used to simulate the impact of 11 B&GI implementation, and their ability to fulfil regulation rules authorizing the 12 connexion to the sewer network. The results show that a combination of several 13 B&GI, if they are widely implemented, could represent an efficient tool to meet 14 regulations at the parcel scale, as they can reduce runoff volume about 90%.